Her written Lullaby;
You and I- we are bound to cease.

 person/s breathing
I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.

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when you’re annoyed or angry or when i’m being unreasonable or when you’re scared or when i call you frightened at 2AM, when we have our first argument and after that when we’re okay again, when I’ve pissed you off and calmed you down, when i’ve burned breakfast and forgotten to lock the front door, be like that Kiersten White quote find me in any lifetime, in any world, find me and choose me

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this just hit too close to home

this just hit too close to home

too much perfection afdsajfgjsabfs

you can’t cling onto me
soon your fingers will slip
and i won’t even bother
reaching for your hand

You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.

Introduction to Information Technology with Media Application grade is up… And my grades are finally complete!!

I know that expectations will cause disappointment if not achieved, but will gratify once it exceeded the main goal. I wanted to say more to fully emphasize the “hard work” and “dedication” I exerted this semester, but words fail me. I just feel so elated tonight that I can barely remember the not-so-good parts of being a Journalism student.

Best way to end my freshman year.

College Scholar (1st sem) ——-> University Scholar (2nd sem) (Tho it’s not official yet, I already computed okay. Hahahaha)

Thank you, mom and dad. Thank you, profs. Thank you, JO2A. Thank you, self. Thank you, Lord. ♥

I tried to give you books, but you told me that any kind of reading put you to sleep. And I tried to believe you, but all I could focus on was that magazine peeking outside of your purse.
I tried to turn you into poetry, but you refused to rhyme the way I thought you would.
I tried to mend you with my bare hands, but you insisted that you were never broken to begin with. I apologize if the scars on your hips told me otherwise.
I tried to love you, but you told me not to waste my time. I tried to walk away, but your hands had a way of gripping onto my shirt a little too tightly.
If you wanted me, you had such an odd way of letting me know.
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